Source Code Review

A Source Code review service discovers hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and verifies if key security controls are implemented. With our Source Code Review Service, we will carefully review your software and identify security vulnerabilities as well as violations of best practices, security design issues and much more. Our Source Code Review is able to find vulnerabilities that go unnoticed during traditional application testing because our Source Code Review process is much more exhaustive and goes deeper into the design of the software.

Among other issues, our Source Code Review is great for uncovering injection, XSS, CSRF, authentication, and session management vulnerabilities in bespoke or proprietary code sets

Why Adivine Infosec?

A dedicated industry certified collaborative team with experience and expertise produces the highest quality of work.

Focused more into manual testing over automated testing to avoid false positives.

We assure you high quality testing on time and every time.

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Modern websites and applications are designed in such a way to facilitate users with a feature rich environment. They provide the user with an intuitive flow through business logic and data.

Application developers write these features, rely on their operation, and may even re-use them in their code. But, when an undetected vulnerability is introduced in code, it can spread very quickly to other components as well.

To sufficiently protect your network, it’s essential to understand the security vulnerabilities of IoT devices. Infected IOT devices can be used as Botnets (such as Mirai) to bring down the network, servers or computers.

Finding bugs early

Coding standards compliance

Teaching and sharing knowledge

Consistent design and implementation

Higher software security

Team cohesion

Confidence of stakeholders

Source code review is carried out in various phases to ensure clear planning and delivery model.

1. Preparation: We conduct a thorough study of the of the application and then we will create a comprehensive threat profile.

2. Analysis: We analyse and discover the different possible threats that may remain undercover during automated scans such as injection, XSS, CSRF, authentication, session management vulnerabilities etc.

3. Reporting: After gathering all the analysis data, we provide you with a complete easy to understand report containing criticality level, risk, technical and business impact. In addition, we provide a detailed remediation strategy for each discovered vulnerability.

4. Quality Assurance: All assessments go through a number of technical and editorial quality assurance phase.

5. Presentation: The final phase in source code review will be a presentation of all documentation to you. We will walk you through the information provided, make any updates needed, and address questions regarding the review output. Following this activity, we’ll schedule any formal review, if applicable.

Our security report includes the following:

The comprehensive report consists of executive summary, architecture and design review, detailed findings and recommendations for improvements wherever applicable.

Detailed findings section contains references to source code files and line numbers in order to provide a fine-grained reference for developers to find and remediate findings.