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Docker, the containerization platform that allows you to package your application and all its dependencies together in the form of docker container which includes the operating system, application code, runtime, system tools and system libraries etc. and designed to solve the many challenges create by the growing DevSecOps trend.

Kubernetes, the container orchestration platform which automates the deployment, update, and monitoring of containers by offering things like auto-scaling, health checks, load balancing which are critical to managing the container lifecycle.

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Many organizations think Docker security is Docker’s responsibility. It’s the Docker’s responsibility to secure the underlying infrastructure that supports the docker container. But it’s your responsibility to ensure you secure anything that you put on the Docker Container. The different attack vectors of Docker and Kubernetes are as follows:

Container Compromise.

Unauthorized connections between pods.

Data exfiltration from a pod.

Compromised container running malicious process.

Container file system compromise.

Compromised docker network.

Secure Docker containers from hackers

Prevent information stealing

Prevent cross-client information leakage

Induce confidence in customer

Penetration testing is carried out in various phases to ensure clear planning and delivery model.

Information Gathering

Threat Modelling

Vulnerability Analysis




Daily status update consisting of vulnerabilities, description of flaws, risk level and business impact.

Easy to read security assessment report comprising executive summary and detailed technical description of each and every vulnerability.

Customized recommendations to mitigate the risks your environment faces from attackers.